Ownership Strategy

Owners have different objectives which require different solutions. Strategic planning enables clients to clarify these objectives and to direct management energy in the best direction to achieve them.

Each situation requires a different approach, whether advising new owners wanting opinions, support or direction; long established owners seeking the comfort that they aren’t missing something or hoping to find a new idea or income stream, or Trustees wishing to optimise performance or limit risk.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We work with clients to clarify the background and their objectives and aspirations.

Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to assess and to identify areas with potential for change or improvement; whether relating to performance levels from various assets, structured maintenance programs to manage cash-flow through to green field development, creative conversions and diversification prospects.

A Wealth of Experience

We work with a team of experienced property people and financiers to provide essential property funding to residential and estate property owners.

They are normally privately owned principal lenders that operates in the mezzanine funding, development stretch and short term bridge funding market.

We also have limited network of high net worth individuals and trusts who pool resources together to fund specific projects.

We regularly work with property professionals, wealth managers, accountants and investment companies to establish and operate alternative investment funds to acquire property assets (principally in the UK), to develop commercial and residential property.

We welcome all enquires and our experienced team is always on hand to assist. please feel free to get in touch.

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Contact us

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